Queen Divas เฮงยกก๊วนป่วนอลเวง ตอน 1 – 15 จบ พากย์ไทย

เป็นเรื่องราวของHo Siu Lan (Nancy Sit) who is raised in a scholarly family, is not only good at housekeeping but also helps keep her husband Lin Lung (Yu Yeung) business running. Both her eldest son, Lin Chi Sam (Evergreen Mak) and youngest son Lin Chi Kit (Pierre Ngo) have yet to marry but developed an underground relationship with two of the most popular actresses. Siu Lan accepts them into the family reluctantly. Eldest daughter-in-law, Kwok Fei Fei (Joyce Tang) is known as the queen of tragedy in the industry whereas youngest daughter-in-law Man Choi Ling (Angela Tong) is dubbed as the queen of comedy จะสนุกและมันขนาดไหนต้องติดตามกันในQueen Divas เฮงยกก๊วนป่วนอลเวง

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