Young Charioteers 2015 พิสูจน์รักสาวนักปั่น ตอน 1 – 20 จบ พากย์ไทย

Former friends Jedi Yau (Him Law) and Fighting Yip (Sammy Sum) are rivals at work, love and bicycle racing. Jedi and Fighting became friends in high school because of their shared interest in bicycle racing, but lost touch when Fighting had to return to Taiwan for family issues. The two meet again when Fighting becomes Jedi’s new colleague at CHUR accounting firm, however Fighting doesn’t want to resume his past friendship with Jedi. Their rivalry is further intensified when their work superiors Mucci Lai (Hanjin Tan) and Hillary Ning (Rosina Lam) pit Jedi and Fighting against each other to play office politics. To relieve his stress at work Jedi confides to co-worker Wu Sum Lam (Jinny Ng) who works under his mother Vivian Lee (Michelle Yim), in the Secretary department at the accounting firm. Vivian pushes for Jedi and Sum Lam to become a couple and later the two start dating, but Jedi realizes he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Sum Lam. Jedi soon finds himself falling for Moon Yeung (Sisley Choi), the new Accountant at work but decides not to pursue her because she is Fighting’s close childhood friend and love interest. After building up their heated rivalry both Jedi and Fighting decide to have a bicycle racing competition to once and for all decide a winner in their rivalry.

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